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Cases: Shoplifting, Insurance Fraud, Case Study / Studies, Summit Loss Prevention Consulting, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

Tony Jarana, President of Summit Loss Prevention Consulting, has worked on thousands of different types of cases during a quarter century of field work and loss prevention management.

We present just a few examples of the many complex situations in which you may find yourself, such as:

  • Eliminating internal theft of a few dollars per haircut in a small hair salon chain
  • Halting a major security breach in the release of a Hollywood blockbuster's holiday DVD release
  • Uncovering contractor insurance fraud
  • Locating witnesses that do not want to be found

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Internal Theft

Whether lasting a few days or many months, Summit's highly experienced investigators will provide the skills needed to successfully complete a comprehensive internal theft investigation; from consulting with law enforcement to locating and interviewing witnesses to background checks and surveillance.

We have performed 1000's of investigations of all types and sizes, from cashier fraud within a small family owned hair salon chain to a major Hollywood motion picture studio and the pre-release theft of a holiday season DVD release.

We can help your company solve any size or type of internal theft problem. Our loss prevention specialists can perform an onsite security assessment, conduct employee background checks and interviews, recommend and implement changes in security policies and procedures, and even act as your company's loss prevention department, if required.

Case Study: The Disappearing Discs

A law firm contacted the investigative agency on behalf of their client; a manufacturer of audio Compact Discs (CDs) and video discs (DVDs). An event occurred that brought to light a major internal theft issue within the manufacture's company.

The manufacturer had been contacted by the company's largest customer, a major Hollywood Motion Picture Studio, concerned that an unauthorized copy of one of their as-yet unreleased holiday season blockbuster DVDs was being screened at a local branch of a national video rental chain almost three weeks prior to the DVDs official distribution and release.

Read the complete story: The Case of the Disappearing Discs

Case Study: Just Trim a Little Off the Top

A Central Indiana couple owned six units of a nationally franchised hair salon chain. Each store had an individual manager & assistant manager, however the managers also performed as stylists and could not watch everything occurring in the shops at all times.

When the owners checked their recent sales figured, they noticed that the “product sales mix” of one of their units varied greatly from the other five. In most of their salons, full haircuts at $12 apiece accounted for approx 80% of hair cutting sales, while trims, which only cost $6 each, made up the additional 20% of sales.

Read the complete story: Just Trim a Little Off the Top


Shoplifting presents more problems to retail businesses than just the loss of product, as the case study below illustrates. Employing personnel properly trained in dealing with shoplifters is more important than preventing the act itself. Improper handling of suspects can result in a dismissal of criminal charges; or worse, claims against you personally, the employees involved, and the company, could be filed in civil court.

Case Study: The Injured Shoe Shopper

A national retailer had two Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) working on a February night in a store in northern Indiana several years ago. From the Loss Prevention Office in the rear of the store, the two were observing the monitors of the store's video surveillance system (CCTV) when they detected a female customer in the shoe department.

The experienced LPOs both watched as the woman removed the shoes she was wearing when she entered the store and put a new pair of shoes on in their place. The woman then took her old pair of shoes and placed them in the empty shoe box and ... Read the complete story: The Case of the Shoe Shopper

Case Study: The Over-Aggressive Big Box Floorwalker

At a 'big box' home center store in Michigan, on the outskirts of Detroit, a Loss Prevention Operative, more commonly known as a 'floorwalker' was making his normal rounds. 'Floorwalkers' are trained LP staff members whose job entails posing as a customer and continuously walking, or shopping, the store for a six-to-eight hour shift.

On the day in question, this 'floorwalker' had been observing a suspicious customer as he was shopping in the power tool aisle. The plainclothes LP Operative witnessed the suspicious customer select a cordless drill and conceal it on his waistline under a heavy winter coat. The suspect began making his way to the exit doors of the store with the 'floorwalker' close behind. The store management team and many employees were familiar with the 'floorwalker' and he signaled to an Assistant Manager to let him know that he was 'on' a suspect involved with a theft attempt.

The suspect departed the store without making any payment for the drill and the LP Operative, assisted by two alerted Assistant Managers, stopped the man, confronted him about the un-paid for item, quickly recovered it and... Read the complete story: The Case of the Big Box Floorwalker.

Insurance Fraud

Below are just two of the most recent insurance claims that Summit has helped resolve favorably for their insurance company clients out of numerous successfully completed assignments. Summit stands ready to assist your company as well.

Case Study: Accidental Death of a Biker

A recent motorcycle death in Southern Indiana was a tragic event for the family of the deceased as well as the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the fatality. The initial investigation of the fatality was handled in a professional manner, but the police investigation did not go beyond the physical facts that presented at the scene.

SLPC was brought in and assigned the follow-up investigation to verify the circumstances surrounding the motorcyclist’s activities and behavior leading up to the accident. 

After 3 days working on the assignment, SLPC investigators were able to determine that the deceased was in possession of Schedule II narcotics that he did not have a prescription for at the time of the accident. The information obtained by SLPC was not in any police or Coroner’s report. SLPC apprised the insurance carrier of this new information and it significantly altered the death benefit payment from the carrier due to the new evidence presented. Read the complete story: The Accidental Death of a Biker

Case Study: Contractor Fraud on the Job Site

The owner of a business subcontracted to work on building a large retail store in central Ohio filed a theft claim with his new insurance company and the local police for over $67,000 in materials, tools and equipment from the job site. In pursuing the claim, the insurance company decided to retain SLPC to look into the matter in depth.

After only 2 days on the assignment investigators were able to determine that the newly insured sub-contractor had filed 6 other theft reports and property loss claims with previous insurers and police agencies at the same building site. Read the complete story: Contractor Fraud on the Job Site.

Litigation Support

Case Study: Finding the Hard-to-Find Witness

Several years ago, a corporate Vice President was killed instantly after he exited a helicopter he had been flying in only moments earlier and was struck by the main rotor blade of that aircraft. The helicopter was part of the corporate fleet of aircraft, and everyone on site that horrific day were employees of that same corporation. 

Despite the corporation's every effort to prevent  witnesses to discuss the event an SLPC Senior Investigator was able to identify and locate one witness to the tragic event. With his knowledge of the corporation’s flight safety program and the inadequate safety policies and procedures in place within this Corporate Flight Operations Department, coupled with his eyewitness testimony of the event, the witness proved to be invaluable to the attorneys working on the case. Read the complete story: Finding the Hard-to-Find Witness.

Help For Situations Like These

For information on how to we can assist you in similar situations to these case studies, call 317-363-8312, send email to or submit the short form below:




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