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Comprehensive Investigation:
Report Summary

Comprehensive Investigation Report Summary: Summit Loss Prevention, Indianapolis, Indiana, Personal / Telephone Interviews, Conduct Research

The report below is a sample overview report from an investigation conducted by Summit Loss Prevention Consulting. This is an actual investigation report -- however, due to our confidentiality standards, the names and locations have been changed.

During the course of the case work, investigators traveled to Crestwood on two separate occasions to conduct research, interview police personnel and interview Rivers employees at the Crestwood facility. 

Also, investigators traveled to Riverside, NC to interview Peter Gordon at his rehab hospital.  In addition, numerous calls and investigative interviews were conducted on the phone with Rivers management staff.  Updates were provided on a frequent basis to Attorney Steven Ellis via phone, email and written report.


Crestwood Trip #1

Investigators met with a representative of Longstreet-Kline in St. Louis and obtained some basic information surrounding the case.  An initial trip to Crestwood was made shortly after that meeting to gather factual information and attempt to determine the cause of Peter Gordon’s injuries and any additional information related to the Crestwood plant accidents.  Company HR Manager Shirley Tanner was interviewed to obtain more detailed information on Rivers personnel and factual information concerning the individuals involved.

Investigators met with local law enforcement officials and others in the area and were able to determine that while in Crestwood, Gordon had attempted suicide twice on the night of 3/18/04.  His rental car was impounded and he was rushed to Riverside Community Hospital by ambulance on 3/18.  Details of these attempts appear to be that Gordon tried cutting his wrists and arms at his hotel room, and after that was unsuccessful, he threw himself off a Highway 110 overpass onto State Road 32 on the south side of the city.  He sustained critical injuries but survived.  He refused to take calls and visitors and the cause of his injuries had remained a mystery to his company.

This information was documented and relayed to Mr. Ellis and other senior management at Rivers.

Riverside, NC Phone Interviews

The second phase of the investigation concentrated on management interviews that were conducted over the phone with the assistance of Mr. Robert Harris in the Riverside facility.  Several members of the management staff that had been sent to Crestwood by Rivers in response to the plant accidents there were interviewed to determine what they might know about the situation.

Arthur Dolen (Crestwood Production Manager), James Carr (Quality Control Director), and Robert Taylor (Plainfield Production Manager) were all interviewed by investigators.  These interviews added to the base of information known about the plant accidents and the activities surrounding Gordon’s injuries.  Again, the information obtained was forwarded to Mr. Ellis.

Crestwood Trip #2

Investigators returned to the Crestwood area and continued the investigation by scheduling meetings with various individuals including police detectives, impound lot and rental car representatives, and Rivers management assigned to the Crestwood location.

Specifically, Donald Smith (Assistant Production Mgr.), Allison Barber (Transportation Mgr.), Greg Munsee (Metals Mgr.) and Arthur Dolen were all interviewed within the facility.  It was determined that Barber had full knowledge of the nature of Gordon’s suicide attempt and had shared that knowledge with his boss in North Carolina, Ed Hardin and also Tim Finnegan.  In addition, numerous negative allegations came to light related to Dolen’s management practices at the facility.

The information and facts obtained by investigators during these interviews were documented and reported to Mr. Ellis.

Riverside, NC Trip

Investigators traveled to Riverside, NC to interview Gordon at Riverside Community Hospital.  Gordon consented to the interview and eventually admitted that he attempted suicide as had been previously determined.  He acknowledged having a mental breakdown that caused him to choose to attempt to take his own life.  He attempted to portray the situation as stress-related.  He also revealed several concerns he had with his subordinate, Dolen, but denied Dolen had caused him to attempt suicide.

A written statement was signed by Gordon related to the admission he made to investigators.  The statement and all other information obtained, was forwarded to Mr. Ellis.

Additional Phone Interview

A phone interview was conducted with Ed Hardin to determine what he knew from Allison Barber and why he chose to keep that important information private and not share it with his superiors at Rivers.  Hardin stated the decision was based on his friendship with Gordon and the fact he promised Barber he would not disclose the information Barber shared with him.  Hardin acknowledged that he made an error in judgment to keep this information private.

Again, the information obtained was forwarded to Mr. Ellis.

Summit Loss Prevention Consulting appreciates being chosen for this assignment.  If there are any questions concerning this report please contact Tony Jarana.

For information about conducting a comprehensive investigation, call 317-363-8312, send email to or submit the short form below:

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