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Retailer Loss Prevention: Security & Safety Assessment, Security Policy Review, Camera System, Physical Security Inspection, Procedural Controls, Loss Incident Review, Information-Gathering Interviews, Assessment Finding Report

Summit Loss Prevention Consulting provides loss prevention services for national, regional or local retailers, whether they have multiple locations or just one store.

Retail establishments have significant liability issues relating to employee access to cash and/or merchandise, shoplifting, and control of substance abuse and violence in the workplace.

A few of the retail businesses with significant vulnerability to these types of loss liability include:
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Home Electronics
  • Department Stores
  • Supermarkets / Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Camera Stores
  • Small Electronics
  • Restaurants / Diners / Bars / Clubs
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Music / Video Stores

Below is an overview of some recommended introductory services as part of Retail Establishment Loss Prevention Security & Safety Assessment:

Policy Review

Summit will review current Company policies, procedures and best practices, prior to conducting any assessment, to acquire pertinent information for use as a benchmark during the assignment. The policies and procedures we focus on can include:
  • Safety & Security
  • Drug-Free Workplace / Drug Testing
  • Workplace Violence
  • Shoplifting / Theft / Loss Prevention
  • Employee Background Check

In order to perform an accurate and thorough assessment, certain information needs to be supplied by the company for review including:

  • Location names
  • Contact and address data
  • Hours of operation
  • Management rosters
  • Staff schedules 

Also, to the degree available, review of internal and external Loss Incident histories would be beneficial.

Camera System Review

Summit will conduct a comprehensive review of each location's Security / Surveillance Camera System, and make recommendations for maximum coverage, an essential element in combating, and successfully prosecuting, shoplifting and employee theft, including:

  • DVR
  • Camerass
  • Power Supply
  • Cabling
  • Monitors
  • Switchers
  • Multiplexers
  • Lenses
  • Light Levels
  • Housings
  • Mounts
  • Surge Suppression
  • Access Codes
  • Digital Data Storage
  • Camera Placement
  • Camera Angles
  • Other Critical Features

Physical Safety & Security Inspection

Summit will conduct a physical security inspection of each location focusing on:

  • Alarm systems
  • Customer entry / exit areas
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Warehouse / receiving / delivery / customer pick-up areas
  • Parking lots
  • Employee entry / exit, locker / change room, break areas
  • Additional physical security features, devices and policies

Review Procedural Controls

Summit will conduct a thorough review of all procedural security and loss prevention controls at each location including:

  • Safe and cash control procedures
  • Receiving dock - access and security
  • Employee cash controls, handling, verifications and oversight
  • Inventory security control devices and systems
  • Customer traffic control at entry / exit areas
  • Public restrooms
  • Management duties and responsibilities
  • Other aspects of policy and procedure design, implementation and compliance

Workplace Policies Review

Summit will perform a review of current company loss prevention policies and procedures, how well they are implemented, and how effective they have been, including:

  • Pre-employment background checks - reduce bad hiring decisions and employee turnover
  • Employee substance abuse / assistance
  • Pre-employment drug screening - maintain a Drug-Free Workplace
  • Workplace Violence / Harassment - both employee and customer related
  • Shoplifting - a written and posted policy is a strong deterrent

Having appropriate policies in place helps protect the company and it's assets, reduces shrinkage / product loss, avoids unwanted litigation and helps keep customers and employees safe and free from harm, by clearly outlining what actions and/or responses should be taken by management, your loss prevention department and employees in any given situation.

Information-Gathering Interviews

Summit will perform information-gathering interviews with management and employees at each location with a specific focus on: loss prevention / safety training and awareness, violence prevention training, procedural compliance and any pertinent concerns or suspicions that impact overall safety and security. Information obtained during the interviews will not be acted on during the assessment without specific, prior consent of the client and such activity is not included in this agreement.

Assessment Finding Report

Summit will summarize all information obtained during each assessment and produce an individual written report of the Assessment Findings for each location, along with specific recommendations for responding to identified loss prevention or security threats, and/or enhancing the current security situation.

Additional Service Options

Summit will deliver the Comprehensive Security Assessment information to a designated audience for review, questions and answers at the request of the client.

We can also present management and employee training programs to your staff on a variety of topics, including Management Loss Prevention: Responsibilities Overview and Workplace Violence Prevention.

Upon client approval, Summit will perform Opening and/or Closing Surveillance of any location determined prior to the announced assessment date to obtain additional operational information, if needed.  Any surveillance conducted will be thoroughly documented in a written report.

For more information, call 317-363-8312, send email to or submit the short form below:

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